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  • Sylvia A. Howard

Claim Your Joy

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

I am amazed that when I get alone and quiet, I am able to truly experience Jesus’s presence without ever seeing Him. In the early morning, before anyone is awake, my house is quiet with just the sound of the Keurig churning out my coffee. There’s a dim light from a lamp shining on the sofa where I meet Jesus each morning. It’s our “spot.” I know He’s waiting there each day, even on the days I choose to sleep in.


As I sit down and take a sip of hot coffee, I sense His joy at my meeting Him there. We enjoy one another’s presence. I don’t say anything at first and neither does He. He knows I need time to wake up and He waits patiently. We just sit for a while enjoying one another.

Then I grab my Bible and begin to read. I invite Him to speak first and He is delighted that I’ve asked. He reveals the secrets of His truths and my heart is full. I can’t write in my journal fast enough. Oh, how I wish I knew shorthand!! Then, He’s silent.


I meditate over what He’s said. Sometimes it hurts because the error of my ways are revealed. However, it’s not a shameful hurt but a loving revelation to me that I’m not in His will and I will be hurt if I don’t change my way. Sometimes He reveals a new direction He wants to take me and I’m terrified but His encouragement and comfort quickly follow. Other times, He speaks to the suffering or hurt I’m experiencing in my life. He reminds me that nothing comes to me without first being sifted through His love.Then it’s my turn to speak.


I pour out my heart (and sometimes tears), asking for His forgiveness. I thank Him for the challenge to live more like Him. I tell Him my desire to love and serve others more. I share with Him the burdens I have for others and I ask Him to intervene. I praise Him for the wonderful God He is. I am humbled that He has come to spend time with me in the quietness of my heart. It’s what He created me for and it’s the only endeavor that will bring me true joy.


All is quiet again and there is a sweetness in the room. No condemnation, no shame, no burden, no defeat just peace, love, and joy. I rejoice that I’ve chosen to meet Him. No additional sleep could have been an equal substitute. Once again we just enjoy one another’s presence because that’s all that is needed. I’m with Jesus and He’s with me.

Where do you go to find joy? What is keeping you from going to Jesus for your joy? There is no substitute for the joy we find by spending time alone with Jesus.

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1 Comment

Laura Kirk
Oct 09, 2019

This story warms my heart! Jesus so beautifully sought you💕

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