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  • Sylvia A. Howard

Searching for the Grandeur of Christ

Yesterday I was sitting on my porch as the sun came up. It was a work holiday and instead of sleeping late, I was awake at my regular time of 5:30! Ugh! Instead of fighting it, as I often do, I got up and made a cup of coffee. Hearing the birds beginning to chirp outside, I got Buddy (our lab mix) and sat on the porch to watch the sun rise. Oh, glory!

I recently read an article entitled “Gripped by Glory” by Irwin Ince and something he said came alive to me as I watched the sun rise. “Unless our hearts are beating to the rhythm of the grandeur of Jesus, we’ll never think that being a Christian is worth it.” Yesterday morning I beheld the grandeur of Christ through the breathtaking sunrise and was inspired to worship the Creator and live out my faith. Please allow me to share with you my takeaways.

Seek His grandeur

I’m guilty of not seeking His grandeur. Although I live in a beautiful area of the country, I seldom take time to notice. Between work, household chores, raising a family, errands, and the daily necessities of life, we can easily be distracted. I think this is perhaps one of the best things that has come out of the pandemic. I notice people out enjoying nature more. Oh, how God has given us a beautiful playground for us to enjoy. Every sunrise, sea wave, mountain peak, valley, sunset, and moon rise proclaims His grandeur. May we revel in it and meet Him there!

Contemplate His grandeur

I’ve committed to remember the grandeur I experienced at yesterday’s sunrise. On those morning’s when I’m busy getting ready for the day, darting out the door, and headed to work, I will seek to remember the grandeur of this morning and other ‘grandeur’ experiences. Let’s keep them in the recesses of our mind to draw strength from when the world seems ugly and mean. May they bring us comfort and hope in difficult times!

I’ve also committed to live IN these moments of grandeur. I want to take the joy and peace I’ve experienced and share it with others. May my experience permeate through my eyes, smiles, kind words, and acts of service to others around me. I want people to know that I’ve been with Jesus!

Final thought

I believe Jesus wants to meet us in every place we are. In the dark of the night, in the quiet of the morning, and yes, even in the busyness of our days. He doesn’t force Himself on us (oh, how sometimes I wish He would) but rather stays calmly at our side waiting for us to turn to Him. May we seek Him always. He is waiting for us!

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