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  • Sylvia A. Howard

This is My Story

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

My story begins with Jesus breaking into my life at the age of 16. I say “breaking in” because that’s exactly what He did. I was minding my own business one day during my lunch break at school. My high school English teacher was out on maternity leave and Mrs. Edwards, the pastor’s wife, was substituting.

On this particular day, I was late getting to the parking lot and missed my ride to the local Diary Queen where my friends and I normally had lunch. Since I didn’t have a car of my own, I headed to the vending machines for something. On my way, I ran into Mrs. Edwards. She asked how I was and what I was doing for lunch. She was on her way home for a quick lunch (she lived 3 blocks away) and when I told her my plans, she invited me to her house for a sandwich. It was better than the bag of chips and Coke I was planning on, so I said, “Sure!”

As we walked, she began to tell me about herself, her husband, and her church. In her kitchen, she asked me about myself, as she made our sandwiches. She was so personable and I could tell she had a genuine interest in me, both of which I craved as I didn’t have many close friends and my home life was a lonely one. I don’t remember much else of the details (it’s been 32 years) other than in the course of a 35 minute lunch break, Mrs. Edwards told me that Jesus loved me so much, He died for me and wanted to have a personal relationship with me. Oh, how I longed for “personal relationship” so, when she asked if I wanted to invite Jesus into my life, my answer was an emphatic, “Yes!”

I remember while walking the three blocks back to school, I felt a joy and peace I hadn’t experienced before.. As we neared the doors of my high school, Mrs. Edwards stopped and said, “Sylvia, you know what just happened wasn’t by accident. God planned this.” No one had ever planned anything just for me. No one had ever given me the joy and peace I felt that day. Only Jesus. And no one other than Jesus has given me the same joy and peace since.

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Does He inhabit the deepest part of your heart? Have you experienced the joy and peace that only He can give?

This is my story, this is my song. Praising my Savior all the day long. This is my story, this is my song. Praising my Savior, all the day long!

Tell me your story!

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